equipped with the Kudos maps


equipped with the Kudos maps

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Our wince units are equipped with the Kudos maps, and the navi path have been set when the unit was tested by our quality inspector, so when you get units from us and install it into your car, you can use the GPS function just with pressing the Navi button and enter the GPS software.
If you don't like the Kudos maps or want to use other maps, we can provide you another kind free maps provided by factory.
Please notice, the wince unit does not support to download and install the third party navigation software.
For the free maps provided by factory, you can write email to "support@autopumpkin.com" or directly contact our customer service staff to get it.
You can download the map files, then insert the GPS card into the GPS slot and set the navi path.
More update information, please go to the Kudos map official website and consult their customer service.

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