Garmin "Where To>>Address" not working??

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Garmin "Where To>>Address" not working??

Odeslatod MichaelSmith » 15.05.18 10:43 (Út)

I have a Garmin 660. When I navigate to "Address," I'm offered two bars to click on: "California," and "County". If I click on "California," I'm asked to select a city, etc. I can't seem to select a state OTHER THAN California. I have the current maps for North America loaded, and can pick an out of state destination off the map. Alternatively, I can choose an out of state city to go to (by clicking on "Cities"). However, I can't figure out how to get a listing for states other than California when trying to navigate to a new address! I'm sure I'm doing something stupid, but the manual doesn't address this issue as far as I can tell. Thanks to any and all for your help! Any help will be apprecited.

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