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The last time the NFC championship game happened in the Supe

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Cris Carter Jersey , a quarterback on the wrong side of 40 found himself battered, bruised, and nearly broken in two. This time, the same thing could be on the agenda — absent an allegedly extra $10,000 inducement.Though Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald said nothing about a specific intent to force Saints quarterback Drew Brees to the sideline, Donald admitted that he and his teammates plan to aggressively pursue the future Hall of Famer on Sunday.“We got a gameplan, we’re going to stick to it and we’re going to get after him,” Donald told reporters on Thursday.Donald vowed to “get after” Brees no fewer than three times.“Anytime you play against a great quarterback like that, he’s going to do things a normal quarterback ain’t going to do,” Donald said. “So we know what to expect. We try to do what we got to do to try our best to make him uncomfortable and get after him and Chris Doleman Jersey , you know, but we got to stop the run first before we think about rushing the passer. They got two great backs we got to slow down and try to find ways to stop. After we do that, we’ll get after the quarterback and try and put some pressure on him.”There’s nothing wrong with vowing to “get after” a quarterback. Implicit in the message is a goal that always has been part of high-level, high-stakes football: If the defense can successfully “get after” the quarterback over and over and over again, the accumulation of occasions on which the quarterback was gotten after could get him out of the game.That continues to be the biggest flaw in the league’s pearl-clutching over the bounty scandal that came to a head during the 2009 NFC title game. As Saints coach Sean Payton demonstrated last week when wheeling a case containing more than $200,000, a Super Bowl ring, and a Super Bowl trophy into a meeting room, there’s already a clear incentive to do whatever is necessary — within the rules — to win. And it’s a given that it’s always easier to win when facing backups than when facing starters.Especially when the starter is one of the five or so greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game.Does that make it wrong to “get after” said quarterback? Hardly. Whether the end result is making him uncomfortable or making him incapable of continuing, the Rams have every reason to “get after” a guy who just turned 40 three days ago. In Mike Zimmer’s five seasons in Minnesota Chuck Foreman Jersey , the Vikings employed four kickers who made 80.6 percent of their field goals and 90.3 percent of their extra points.The Vikings continue to search for an answer as Zimmer enters his sixth season.“I think part of it is we allow them to — especially young guys — make some mistakes, make sure they understand we’re behind them,” Zimmer said. “I’ve also really been thinking hard about trying to get someone [to help the team’s kicker]. These golfers have swing coaches. Everybody’s got coaches now who do these things. So I’ve been thinking really, really hard about trying to find a true kickers coach, where that’s all he does.”The Buccaneers have former NFL kicker Chris Boniol to work with their kicker, but few teams employ a true specialist coach.Former NFL kicker Michael Husted is among the private kicking coaches.“Most of them are former kickers you’re talking to or things like that,” Zimmer said. “We’ll just have to see if I can find the right one. Those guys have to fit in with the rest of the staff, too.”The Vikings gave up on Daniel Carlson too soon after drafting him in the fifth round last year. He went 1-for-4 in two games with Minnesota in 2018 but finished the season going 16-of-17 in 10 games with Oakland.Dan Bailey, who once was the NFL’s all-time most accurate kicker, finished up the season with the Vikings and was only 21-of-28 on field goals and 30-of-31 on extra points.“Probably too much Paul Krause Jersey ,” Zimmer said when asked how much he thinks about the kicking game. “You sit there, and you think about we missed a 27-yard field goal [by Blair Walsh] in Seattle in the [2015] playoffs. Then, this happens. Then, you bring a guy in, and he misses an extra point. Then, maybe you’re a little bit more jumpy than maybe you should be, I think. It’s like everything else you might overreact.”