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Packers Roster Predictions: Who’s going to be the biggest su

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on the 53? Every year Darnell Savage Jersey Womens , someone comes out of nowhere to end up on the active roster. Although the Green Bay Packers’ roster seems a bit easier to predict this year than past seasons, there could still be a few surprises in store. The fourth preseason game always holds surprises, and plenty of players have made a 53 based on a big game in the exhibition finale. Here’s what the APC staff had to say about potential surprises this week.(Editor’s note: these picks were submitted prior to the Packers’ trade of Brett Hundley the and subsequent reports that the team hopes to keep Boyle.)Evan “Tex” Western: RB LeShun DanielsI really liked what I saw out of the former Iowa running back in limited action (16 snaps) a week ago -- Daniels ran with power and made a few nice cuts, and I think he looked much better than Joel Bouagnon has all summer long.With Jamaal Williams likely resting up for week one and Ty Montgomery nursing an injury (plus Aaron Jones being suspended for the first two regular season games), there should be plenty of snaps to go around between the team’s depth running backs -- Daniels, Bouagnon, Bronson Hill, and recently-healthy Devante Mays. I think Daniels breaks a few tackles, puts up a few nice runs, and shows some pass-blocking chops to beat out the other backs to earn a backup least until Jones returns.Paul Noonan: Tim BoyleThe Packers made a mistake last year in keeping Brett Hundley. Hundley was a long-term developmental project, but after a few games it became clear that he was awful, and everyone regretted the absence of Taysom Hill. It’s entirely possible that Hill is worse than Hundley, though not very likely, but even Hill’s contributions to special teams would have added more value. There’s a lesson here Darnell Savage Green Bay Packers Jersey , and that lesson is to keep the best player regardless of how you got them. Boyle has no pedigree and wasn’t particularly good in college, but he’s already shown better in-game skills, instincts, and arm strength than Hundley or DeShone Kizer. Kizer may turn into something, someday, but generally speaking quarterbacks who play as poorly as he did don’t develop enough to be useful. The reasons to keep Hundley and Kizer are all based in the sunk cost fallacy. Boyle may be terrible, but at least we’re not sure yet. Wendi Hansen: Tim BoyleI know. I KNOW! I’m surprising myself by putting Boyle’s name on the list. When once a very strong advocate of a two-man QB roster, I went and rewatched the footage from the Packers first preseason game of the year. That, combined with his consistency during practice this season kind of has me warming up to the idea of him wearing an official green and gold jersey. The truth is, Boyle has an arm. He’s quick on his feet with a running game that reminds me a lot of Rodgers. Given the fact he will get more playing time on Thursday, this might be his chance to seal the deal. Or, at the very least, confirm a spot on the practice squad. Shawn Wagner: Adam Pankey/Raven GreeneIf you would have asked me about six weeks ago, listing offensive line swingman Adam Pankey here would’ve been a fairly large surprise. The Packers added experienced veteran Byron Bell after drafting Cole Madison and developing former draft pick Kofi Amichia. Yet Darnell Savage Jersey 2019 , after one of the most disastrous offensive line games I can remember (even Mike McCarthy noted as much), Pankey is winning my final spot on the offensive line over Kyle Murphy and Kofi Amichia. If I’m going with a more moderate surprise, it’s Raven Greene at safety solidifying a spot in game four. Without a clear runaway favorite emerging at safety between Greene, Marwin Evans, and even Quinten Rollins, the former stands a chance to be one of this year’s undrafted holdovers. Although his name hasn’t been as frequently heard as I thought it would be this preseason, Greene forced a fumble versus the Raiders and was a playmaker in college. His ability to learn and grow as a special teamer as the season wears on while being a true safety gives Greene a spot over the disappointing Rollins and forgotten Evans.Jon Meerdink: Trevor DavisEven after Mike McCarthy’s surprisingly effusive praise for Davis this week, it still would be something of a surprise if he made the roster having taking barely a practice rep all summer. But given that Davis’ clearest path to the 53 is through a solid special teams performance, showing he can still make an impact as a returner and a gunner on the punt team could be enough to do it. Of course, Davis making it would likely mean one or more of the Packers’ rookie receivers (or Jake Kumerow) is on the outs. That’s a tall barrier, but with support from the coaching staff, Davis could have an inside track. The Green Bay Packers have more cap space than an earlier report suggested."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections The APC PodcastPackers Film RoomFantasy Football AdviceCDTShareTweetShareSharePackers have $13 million in salary cap space, not $5 million as previously reportedMark Hoffman-USA TODAY SportsUpdate: Since initial publishing of this article, Tom Silverstein has reported that the Packers actually have around $13 million in salary cap space at present Darnell Savage Jersey Mens , not the $5 million he reported on Monday. The discrepancy appears to be due to the team accounting for their draft class and a small amount of cushion for the regular season.A working theory about this confusion is as follows: The Packers may be telling agents of players that they have less that $5 million in salary cap space to work with. This would make sense given the previously-expected numbers. If the team has $13 million in cap space as of today, needs to reserve about $5 million to sign draft picks, and wants to reserve $3 million for the regular season, that would leave them with about $5 million in cap money that they feel is usable to sign players before the draft. If the team told this number to an agent, that person could have mentioned it to Silverstein and one of the two parties may have misinterpreted it as the actual current cap space rather than how much the team is willing to work with.This is just a theory about the genesis of this report, however. See the full article about the original report below.The Green Bay Packers like to go into the regular season with a handful of salary cap space in order to maintain some flexibility for the season. Typically something around $8 million is in place to cover any unexpected transactions, cover players who go on injured reserve, or land the occasional in-season contract extension.However, that might prove a bit more difficult this season than first imagined. Sites that tracked NFL teams’ salary cap space believed the Packers to have had about $35 million in cap space prior to signing their four big-name free agents and releasing outside linebacker Nick Perry. Following those transactions and the signings of wide receiver Geronimo Allison and tight end Marcedes Lewis, Over the Cap had the Packers estimated with about $13.5 million in cap space. With about $4.7 million going to sign this year’s draft class (remember that the Top 51 rule still applies during the offseason), the Packers seemed to be right in line with their normal constraints.However, there is apparently some faulty math somewhere. According to Tom Silverstein of, some previous cap charges were not calculated, and have been added to the team’s cap number for 2019:If this was an unexpected circumstance for the team Youth Darnell Savage Jersey , there will be some serious explaining to do regarding Russ Ball’s handling of the cap. Alternately, if the NFL identified this now and sprung it on the team well into the free agency period, that would be an unlucky, arguably unfair result.However, it is also possible that the Packers were aware of this situation, and that they knew just how close they were to the cap without tipping their hand to the media, who had the numbers wrong. That situation may explain why the Packers chose to backload so much money in the four new players’ deals onto future years, as well as why the team seemingly did not pursue cornerback Bashaud Breeland more seriously.Until we know more or see the Packers release a player to make some more cap space, Packers fans should assume that their team is done in free agency for the time being.