nüvi 900T [nový firmware]

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nüvi 900T [nový firmware]

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Nová verze firmware pro nuvi 900T verze 2.10 (20.11.2008)

Changes made from version 2.07 to 2.10:

* Improved route calculation time
* Improved stability of TV player
* Corrected lockup while approaching two tour guides at the same position.
* Other minor corrections and improvements
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Re: nüvi 900T [nový firmware]

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nuvi 900T (update.rgn file) software version 3.60 (26.2.2008) [RGN]

Changes made from version 3.50 to 3.60:

* Add TV safety mode when turned on it's prohibited to watch TV while driving.

Changes made from version 2.10 to 3.50:

* Improved 'Find near' searches for custom POI's
* Improved Hungarian QWERTY keyboard
* Corrected issue where some POI phone numbers failed to appear on POI review page
* Improved position of sun and moon icons on GPS satellite page
* Improved support for WebUpdater
* Improved appearance of metadata and spectrum analyzer in Music Player
* Improved appearance of address search page when maps for two or more countries are detected
* Improved shortest time route calculation for some routes
* Improved Audible player to pause and rewind slightly when pause button is pressed
* Added hour glass in Language Guide when voice language is being switched
* Improved Music Player to remember track position through suspend/resume or power cycles
* Improved turn preview page so it advances automatically to next turn when one turn completes
* Improved music player to avoid lowering music volume if voice level is set to 0%
* Improved performance on spell searches
* Improved suspend/resume
* Improved route recalculation when switching from pedestrian to automobile mode with a route active
* Improved 'Stop' and 'Detour' icon appearance time on the main page when a route was active
* Improved safety camera alerts to display red or gray banner depending on speed
* Improved display of elevation info to use proper unit of measure based on locale settings
* Improved TourGuide to better handle large pictures
* Improved custom POI review page
* Improved handling of some GPI files
* Improved calculator to work better with percentages
* Improved alarm clock to better handle time zone changes
* Improved trip computer Moving and Total times when greater than 24 hours
* Improved spell city search keyboard to include the 'Done' button even if search field is blank
* Corrected issue where TTS prompt would attempt to speak postal codes rather than spelling it out
* Improved Back button on Panoramio photo detail page to jump only one page back
* Improved Panoramio photo detail page to include the name/title of the picture being viewed
* Video with high priority and displayed more smoothly
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