nüvi 8xx [nový firmware]

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nüvi 8xx [nový firmware]

Odeslatod Path » 07.06.08 23:40 (So)

Nová verze firmware pro nuvi 8xx. Verze 2.60 ze dne 3. 6. 2008

Changes made from version 2.50 to 2.60:

* Improvements to MapSource, Google Maps and Garmin Connect
* Buying optional Games works
* Text translations and pronunciations have been updated
* Text fields for select translations have been extended to fully display
* UK City searches using touchscreen and speech recognition now work correctly
* MSN Direct Stock symbols can be added after deleting all stock symbols
* Find Near Current Route works for custom POI's entered through POI Loader
* Audible works if a book plays to completion and is reselected
* Audible playback position is retained after using Pause and turning off the unit
* Audible consistently plays at the correct speed
* Topographical map banding has been fixed
* Corrected Italian Roadside Assistance phone number
* Setting home phone number within Hands Free works correctly and displays in Favorites
* The number in UK roundabout icons is centered
* Panoramio favorites are available when using the Route tool
* Safety camera radar 'Don't Remember Again' selection is available
* Available map data displays before first GPS acquisition
* Bluetooth pairing displays one selection check box
* 'Back' button has been added in Garmin Lock to allow users to cancel attempt to unlock when they have forgotten their PIN
* Garmin Lock doesn't require the PIN when at the security location
* Garmin Lock setting can be turned off when away from security location
* Special characters used in an SMS message result in an accurate display
* European maps display all tiles
* Resuming when Mute is selected retains the Mute setting
* Turning the unit off during a phone call removes the phone icon correctly
* Speaking 'Back' in city search goes back one page rather than two, and displays correctly
* Using speech recognition to initiate music followed by using the touchscreen works correctly
* Suspending while speech recognition icon is still listening now works correctly
* When entering in a country on a Find Address search after deactivating speech recognition the 'Enter Country' page displays correctly
* Entering a home phone number can be done with speech recognition
* Removed the remote's low battery warning message
* Restored ability to correctly find cities in France
* German text language address searches are more efficient and stable
* Improvement to progress meter for flushing Garmin Lock PIN
* Using suspend after setting the alarm clock works correctly
* Selecting a Language Setting works correctly
* The movie does not play if speech recognition is in use
* Pop up message for simulating Bluetooth connections displays correctly
* User data clears once the demo movie begins
* Restarting the demo returns Bluetooth to simulator mode and resets alarm clock to Disable.
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Re: nüvi 8xx [nový firmware]

Odeslatod Path » 28.06.08 0:27 (So)

Nová verze firmware pro nuvi 850 / 860 / 880 2.80 (24. 6. 2008)

Changes made from version 2.60 to 2.80:

* Corrected possible popping noise when connected to an MSN receiver with a low battery
* Improved sleep countdown after disconnecting from USB mass storage
* Corrected issue with adding new GTM subscription
* Corrected issue when multiple GPI files were loaded, specifically custom POI's
* Changed the default location to the UK when a European preloaded map is detected
* Corrected issue where Speech Recognition would incorrectly stop listening on occasion
* Corrected issue where a route created and initiated with speech recognition might skip the initial voice prompt
* Improved Music Player
* Improved European address searches using speech recognition in German language
* Improved appearance of display when resuming from sleep
* Improved handling of special characters and diacritics when saving from map to Favorites
* Improved Games to pause if a system banner appears
* Changed Panoramio photos to be organized by distance
* Corrected issue where some route turn arrows were displayed incorrectly
* Improved 'enter house number' keyboard page after changing the keyboard mode
* Improved non-English translations
* Other minor corrections and improvements
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Re: nüvi 8xx [nový firmware]

Odeslatod Path » 13.08.08 7:51 (St)

Nový firmware pro nuvi 850, 860, 880 ve verzi 3.00 ze dne 8.8.2008

Objem dat ke stažení cca 58 MB

Changes made from version 2.80 to 3.00:

* Added Language Guide support
* Added HotFix support
* Improved 'Find near' searches
* Improved performance on spell searches
* Improved route calculation time
* Improved suspend/resume
* Improved time zone support for Venezuela and Australia
* Improved route recalculation when switching from pedestrian to automobile mode with a route active
* Improved 'Stop' and 'Detour' icon appearance time on the main page when a route was active
* Improved safety camera alerts to display red or gray banner depending on speed
* Improved display of elevation info to use proper unit of measure based on locale settings
* Improved TourGuide to better handle large pictures
* Improved custom POI review page
* Improved handling of some GPI files
* Improved calculator to work better with percentages
* Improved alarm clock to better handle time zone changes
* Improved trip computer Moving and Total times when greater than 24 hours
* Improved arrival phrases
* Improved adding bookmarks in Audible player when using speech recognition
* Improved spell city search keyboard to include the 'Done' button even if search field is blank
* Corrected issue where TTS prompt would attempt to speak postal codes rather than spelling it out
* Improved Back button on Panoramio photo detail page to jump only one page back
* Improved Music Player
* Added speech recognition shortcut 'find postal code' for supported maps
* Added speech recognition support for supplemental map data
* Added additional voice support
* Improved Panoramio photo detail page to include the name/title of the picture being viewed
* Improved dial keypad to display symbols during a call
* Improved phone book and call history spell search when paired with a phone
* Improved Location Messages
* Improved non-English translations
* Other minor corrections and improvements
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Re: nüvi 8xx [nový firmware]

Odeslatod Path » 03.09.08 21:18 (St)

Nová verze firmware pro nuvi 850, 860, 880 - verze 3.10 (2.9.2008)

Changes made from version 3.00 to 3.10:

* Improved support for WebUpdater
* Corrected issue with DEM data appearance when using track-up map orientation
* Improved FM transmitter frequency adjustments for European locales
* Improved appearance of metadata and spectrum analyzer in Music Player
* Corrected issue where scroll arrows were inactive on MSN movie review pages
* Improved appearance of address search page when maps for two or more countries are detected
* Improved speech recognition support for supplemental map data
* Lowered default backlight brightness in night mode
* Improved shortest time route calculation for some routes
* Corrected issue when viewing multiple traffic events on current route
* Improved coordinate entry keyboard translations
* Improved Audible player to pause and rewind slightly when pause button is pressed
* Improved banner message indicating the MSN Direct free trial was ending
* Improved FM Transmitter broadcast audio quality
* Added hour glass in Language Guide when voice language is being switched
* Improved Music Player to remember track position through suspend/resume or power cycles
* Improved turn preview page so it advances automatically to next turn when one turn completes
* Improved music player to avoid lowering music volume if voice level is set to 0%
* Added space to humidity field on the MSN weather page
* Removed speech recognition shortcuts for volume when using the FM transmitter
* Improved roadside assistance page to only display phone icon if bluetooth is paired
* Corrected issue where some outgoing SMS messages had partially obscured text
* Corrected potential UI freeze when receiving an incoming handsfree call
* Improved non-English translations
* Other minor corrections and improvements
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Re: nüvi 8xx [nový firmware]

Odeslatod Path » 31.12.08 0:42 (St)

Nová verze firmware pro nuvi 850, 860, 880 - verze 4.00 (12.12.2008)

Changes made from version 3.20 to 4.00:

* U-turn direction icon was sometimes incorrect in UK
* Custom avoid area box wasn't being shaded
* Coordinates on the review page are localized
* Iceland MPC map city search broken
* Formatting on traffic description page corrected for Italian language
* GPS suspend/resume issue resolved
* Corrected Polish MPC map city search
* Improved interaction between POIs and phone calls
* Speed/proximity alerts now work correctly with a VIB 11
* Backlight timeout improvement

Changes made from version 3.10 to 3.20:

* Improved 'Find near' searches for custom POI's
* Improved spell search on MSN items
* MSN Movies review page now includes rating stars
* Improved find nearest POI category searches when using ASR
* Improved Hungarian QWERTY keyboard
* Corrected issue where some POI phone numbers failed to appear on POI review page
* Improved position of sun and moon icons on GPS satellite page
* Improved non-English translations
* Other minor corrections and improvements
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Re: nüvi 8xx - nový firmware

Odeslatod Path » 27.06.09 17:02 (So)

Nová verze firmware pro nuvi 850/860/880/855/865T/885T - verze 4.60 (26.6.2009)

Changes made from version 4.50 to 4.60:

* Correct problem where units entered a loop of Updating GPS firmware.

Changes made from version 4.40 to 4.50:

* Corrected issue when unit is connected to a BMW mount.

Changes made from version 4.30 to 4.40

* Note: Due to new POIs in recent maps, this update enables display of POIs on the map. If you would like to disable them, touch 'Tools -> Settings -> Map -> Down Arrow -> Enabled (adjacent to Show POIs) -> Hide All'.
* Corrected POI display behavior in newer maps.
* Improved handling of Safety Camera messages.
* Corrected the display of the Elevation map in Track Up and North Up map views.
* FM transmitter no longer reverts to FM mode after being switched to internal speaker.
* Corrected MSN Direct 'Go!' button functionality.
* Corrected issue that could result in MSN Direct Flight times to be displayed incorrectly.
* Corrected issue that could result in MSN Direct Flight review page error.
* MSN Direct Flight Status search selection is now saved in Recently Found list.
* Enhanced MSN Direct Flight data so that it is now accessible for all airports regardless of proximity.

Changes made from version 4.00 to 4.30:

* Adjust FM transmitter performance for Europe.
* Improved category searching capability with newer maps.
* Fixed Safety Camera announcements to be in the correct language.
* Improved MSN Direct support.
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Re: nüvi 8xx [nový firmware]

Odeslatod Path » 07.06.11 12:17 (Út)

Nová verze firmware pro nuvi 850/860/880/855/865T/885T - verze 4.70 (28.12.2009)

Changes made from version 4.60 to 4.70:

* General stability fixes.
* Resolved issue where scrolling through map in dense area may cause street labels to not be displayed.
* Resolved issue with unit converter precision and rounding.
* Fixed issue where roundabout turn icon occasionally drew at an incorrect angle.
* Fixed issue with Arabic street names not displaying.
* Resolved issue where searching near route could cause device to freeze/restart.
* Resolved issue with several foreign languages not displaying full name of streets in map view.
* Fixed loss of audio with Bluetooth and FM transmitter.
* Now capable of reading files (maps, etc) larger than 2GB.
* Resolved issue causing European devices not to be seen by WebUpdater or other Garmin software.
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