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Edge 605/705 [nový firmware]

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Firmware pro Edge 605/705 ve verzi 2.10 k datu 29. 2. 2008:

Aktualizovat lze pouze přes WebUpdater.

Changes made from version 2.00 to 2.10:

* Updated some language translations.
* Fixed problem updating GPS with WebUpdater.
* Corrected some problems with UserProfile file. Wheel size is no longer set to 0 by default. This was causing problems with Training Center.
* Fixed problem handling courses with no distance information.
* Changed battery display on menu bar and GPS page to be red when below %15 full.
* Fixed some problems with power and cadence averaging.
* Added GPS copyright information to poweron screen.

Re: Edge 605/705 [nový firmware]

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Edge 605/705 - software version 2.20 (14. 5. 2008)

Changes made from version 2.10 to 2.20:

* Added more power meter support.
* Added ANT sensor detected messages.
* Added Max Power, Last Lap Max Power, and Kilojoules fields.
* Fix problem with locking up on the map page.
* Added progress bar for reading new Saved Ride data on powerup.
* Adjustments to reduce speed spikes.
* Increased internal route point memory to handle longer tracks.
* Corrected ANT-to-ANT transfer page display in night mode.
* Fixed issue with backlight brightness adjustment.
* Fixed lap averages not being cleared correctly, when user stops the timer, laps, and starts the timer again.
* Fixed issue with power wattage not updating.
* Added power calibration success/fail messages.
* Battery display should no longer show less than 100% when charging is complete.
* Added SiRF InstantFix support to increase speed of initial GPS fix.
* Fixed issue where pressing buttons would affect altitude.
* Implemented feature request to be able to delete all waypoints from the device.
* Added a 'Cities' item to the find menu.
* Fixed issue where searching for an address lists specific street (Avenue, Circle etc.) instead of generic street name.
* The Follow History list is now filtered to only show rides that contain position data.
* Fixed issue where some combinations of maps would not work together.

Re: Edge 605/705 [nový firmware]

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A je tu další aktualizace firmware pro Garmin Edge 605/705 ze dne 23. 7. 2008 - verze 2.30

Changes made from version 2.20 to 2.30:

* Removed time limitation from history recording.
* Deleting history through the menu on the device will now also delete the history file from mass storage.
* Fixed issue where averages and calories could accumulate when auto-paused.
* Fixed issue where workout dates could be incorrect on the watch when loaded from the PC.
* Fixed issue where settings were sometimes not saved when GPS was turned off.
* When creating a course, device will no longer show history that does not have track point data.
* Correct issue with repeated auto-pause/resume when starting.
* Fixed issue where routes created in MapSource could have invalid points after being loaded to the Edge.
* Fixed some problems with calculating total ascent.
* Fixed issue with grade being dashed and elevation not changing.
* Added an Entertainment category in POI List.
* Speeded up searching in Find Cities.
* Fixed issue where wheel size was not auto-calibrating.
* Fixed issue where unit does not return to previous screen after route recalculation.
* Added progress bar for software updates.
* Added ability to hit LEFT/RIGHT to toggle between Bike Computer pages and Course Points page.
* Fixed problem with Time to Point display on course data page.
* Allow UP and DOWN to cycle the bottom pane of data on the Course Timer screen.
* Fixed some issues that would allow creating an invalid course that would end as soon as you pressed start.
* Fixed issue where certain languages (Svenska, Magyar, Slovensky) would not work with course compass page.
* Fixed issue where when more than one mapset is installed the unit only searches for addresses on the closest mapset.
* Fixed issue where keyboard would not immediately update when switching modes.
* Improved route recalculation.
* Fixed issue where ?Arriving At...' message does not always show destination.
* Disabled panning on the map displayed on the course timer page.
* Fixed issue where the Course Elevation Profile shows a straight line on long activities.
* Added average power to the lap data in XML.
* Updated many German translations.
* Fixed issue where auto-pause/manual lap causes 0 distance lap.
* Changed zoom levels at which towns and villages appear based on size to help declutter the map.
* Increased the number of calories that can be shown on History Totals page.
* Made some changes to reduce 0 speed reporting when using GSC10.

Re: Edge 605/705 [nový firmware]

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Edge 605/705 software version 2.40 ze dne 21.8.2008

Changes made from version 2.30 to 2.40:

* Fixed problem where stopping and restarting the timer could cause invalid track points.
* Fixed problem where an invalid power value could be logged when stopping and restarting the timer.
* Improve battery checking to remove inadvertent shutdowns.
* Fixed problem where speed sensor data was not used when GPS signal was lost.
* Fixed problem where low or 0 speed could be recorded prior to a turn.

Re: Edge 605/705 [nový firmware]

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Edge 605/705 software version 2.50 ze dne 4.11.2008

Changes made from version 2.40 to 2.50:

* Implemented change to allow the user to access Map Setup option for tracks which will allow showing that track on a map, and what color to display it in.
* Added ability to set Off-Route Recalculation behavior in Routing menu. User can set it to Automatic, Off, or Prompted.
* Fixed issue with long routes shutting down.
* Fixed issue where Autopause and Start/Stop were not getting saved into the History files. This could also cause Courses created from this History to not register these times.
* Fixed issue where History files would occasionally not upload due to misaligned data.
* Fixed inaccurate elevation when moving to and from areas with distinctly different altitudes or atmospheric pressures.
* Fixed random elevation spike in the first few track points.
* Added the ability to delete tracks.
* Fixed issue where speed would drop to 0 going through turns.
* Fixed issue where viewing a Course on a map went to the wrong location.
* Fixed barometer initialization issues in situations where the unit is turned off and back on within 5 minutes in the same location.
* Fixed issue with Course List where actions could be applied to the wrong Course.
* Fixed issue where course guidance lines were drawn on top of roads.
* Fixed issue with repeated Autopausing when using a wheel sensor.
* Fixed issue with creating a Workout with Spanish language selected.
* Improved German translations.

Re: Edge 605/705 [nový firmware]

OdeslatOdesláno: 11.05.09 1:13 (Po)
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[url]Changes made from version 2.50 to 2.60[/url]:

* Fixed occasional issue with Edge shutting down when scrolling through Saved Rides.
* Fixed occasional issue with Edge shutting down when Mode button was pressed while following a Course.
* Fixed issue where user could not change vertical zoom scale for a Course profile.
* Fixed a problem where indoor rides in History could slow down access to Where To? menu.
* Fixed issue with Advanced Workouts not showing up under Today when the workout is scheduled for the current day.
* Fixed issue where sometimes the most recent History would not be written out to XML until disconnecting and reconnecting USB.
* Corrected the Average Power value shown for Entire Ride in History.
* Removed filtering from power data stored in History files.
* Made some corrections to the Polish and Portuguese languages.

Re: Edge 605/705 [nový firmware]

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Changes made from version 2.60 to 2.70:

* Improved data recording in once per second mode
* Added ability to set averaging method for power and cadence
* Removed cadence filtering for power meters
* Made improvements to try to prevent spurious Auto Pauses
* Fixed distance and bearing display to work on Saved Rides list
* Fixed issue with trying to read files that start with '.' that caused problems with Mac communication
* Fixed issue where random characters were displayed in list before course names loaded
* Fixed issue with speed targets not working properly in Advanced Workouts
* Fixed occasional issue where a corrupted history file could be created
* Added Venezuela and Australia-Lord Howe Island time zones
* Updated automatic Daylight Saving Time for Auckland, New Zealand, time zone

Re: Edge 605/705 [nový firmware]

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Edge 605/705 software version 2.80 ze dne 18.6.2009

Changes made from version 2.70 to 2.80:

* Restructured activity logging to reduce the number of invalid TCX files.
* Corrected issues from 2.70 that could possibly corrupt the 'History' directory.
* Removed potential spikes in the power data after periods of coasting.
* Increased the allowable digits in the 'vertical to point' field to 4.
* Increased the allowable digits in the 'calories' field to 5.
* Updated translations.

Re: Edge 605/705 [nový firmware]

OdeslatOdesláno: 08.09.09 11:49 (Út)
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Edge 605/705 software version 2.90 (28.8.2009)

Changes made from version 2.80 to 2.90:

* Added support for high capacity SD cards. (4GB, 8GB, etc.)
* Improved power and speed data recording to minimize spikes.
* Added 3 and 30 second moving average power data fields.
* Fixed issue storing empty/unnamed speed zones in user profile.
* Fixed issue where viewing a Scheduled Advanced Workout causes it to be deleted.

Re: Edge 605/705 [nový firmware]

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Edge 605/705 software version 3.10 (1.12.2009)

Changes made from version 2.90 to 3.10:

* Added ability to use waypoint elevation as the starting elevation for an activity when the user starts within approximately 30m of this waypoint.
* Fixed issue where workouts using power zones based on percent of FTP or heart rate zones based on percent of maximum HR were saved incorrectly.
* Fixed issue where Garmin Training Center could give a data transfer failed error if the unit had a bike profile name longer than fifteen characters.
* Fixed issue with inaccurate display of history dates in some languages.
* Added support for updated Australia Daylight Saving Time start and end dates.
* Updated translations.