Edge 500 [nový firmware]

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Edge 500 [nový firmware]

Odeslatod Path » 29.12.10 21:11 (St)

Edge 500 software version 2.60 (20.12.2010) [GCD]

Changes made from version 2.40 to 2.60:

* Improved course performance and corrected an issue that could cause some courses to stop processing.
* Added a torque reading to the calibration page for PowerTap power meters.
* Improved Auto Pause behavior.
* Improved auto wheel calibration especially for PowerTap power meters.
* Improved correlation of speed sensor data and GPS data.
* Totals can now be cleared.
* Corrected an issue that could prevent an Activity from being reset.
* Prevent an incorrect date/time from being displayed.
* Improved battery gauge readings.
* Removed DeleteFiles folder.

Changes made from version 2.30 to 2.40:

* Fixed issue that was causing unit freezes on manual and auto laps
* Fixed issue that was causing missing activities after reset
* Fixed issue that was causing missing laps and bad timestamps in activities
* Fixed issue causing large elevation readings to be recorded in activities that created errors when uploaded to Garmin Connect
* Improved smart recording
* Added a Statute UK setting that sets distance to miles, speed to mph, elevation to meters and temperature to Celsius
* Fixed issues related to editing workouts
* Fixed issues with 'Repeat Until' in workouts
* Implemented a prompt if the timer is not reset after 4 hours to remind the user to reset
* Corrections to ANT wheel speed, size and auto calibration with PT hubs
* Course Map Zooming -> The device now pops up a page on the course map with the light key like is done for the course scaling. This page will allow the user to set the zooming to auto or to some set zoom level.
* Updated the Start Notice feature to alert the user any time the timer is not running if set to Repeat
* Fixed issue causing elapsed time to not be calculated correctly
* Delete Garmin software update files after updates are complete
* Updated translations

Changes made from version 2.20 to 2.30:

* Internal file processing corrections.
* Updated ANT+ power calibration page.
* Changes to support manufacturing.

Changes made from version 2.10 to 2.20:

* Workouts have been added.
* Improved smart recording algorithms. This will improve track point dropping during turns.
* Added %FTP Power, 30s Average Vertical Speed, and Maximum Speed as new Data Fields.
* Increased detection radius for Elevation Points and added a detection message.
* Improved Course processing and error handling.
* Removed limitations on the displayed Power Calibration Value.
* Added notification messages for Courses, Workouts, and Metabolic Profiles.
* Added the ability to import .NLF New Leaf files.
* Fixed some issues with setting files not being saved properly.
* Improved Vertical Speed values.
* The Bike Profile page should now show an invalid value if the wheel calibration is set to Auto and not yet calibrated.

Changes made from version 2.00 to 2.10:

* Corrected issue transferring heart rate zones and power zones from Garmin Connect and Garmin Training Center.
* Corrected issue transferring New Leaf Profiles from Garmin Training Center.
* The bike odometer correctly updates during an activity.
* Cleanup of TCX conversion issues for courses.
* Corrected issues related to courses.
* Corrected issue with distance alert performance.
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Re: Edge 500 [nový firmware]

Odeslatod Path » 20.04.11 21:36 (St)

Edge 500 software version 2.70 (19.4.2011) [GCD]

Changes made from version 2.60 to 2.70:

* Added one second recording setting. Located at Menu -> Settings -> Bike Settings -> Data Rec. -> Data Recording.
* Fixed issue causing ANT sensors to not pair as expected when switching between bike profiles.
* Fixed display issues while editing %FTP, %HRR, and %HR Max in a workout step.
* Fixed a display issue with the elevation value in a saved elevation point.
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Re: Edge 500 [nový firmware]

Odeslatod Path » 03.06.11 15:42 (Pá)

Edge 500 software version 2.80 (27.5.2011) [GCD, Mirror]

Changes made from version 2.70 to 2.80:

* Fixed issue causing multiple heart rate monitors to be found.
* Fixed a speed display issue in history, speed zone setup, and workouts.
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Re: Edge 500 [nový firmware]

Odeslatod blu.ray » 19.07.12 20:53 (Čt)

Nová aktualizace softwaru version 2.80 na 3.0
G 755T
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