zumo 665 [nový firmware]

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zumo 665 [nový firmware]

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zumo 665 (region file only) software version 2.20 (1.7.2010) [GCD]

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Changes made from version 2.10 to 2.20:

* Fixed possible shutdown when GPS is lost such as in a tunnel.
* Fixed possible shutdown in traffic pages.
* Fixed possible shutdown when cancelling data import.
* Fixed possible shutdown while scrolling through lists of cities.
* Fixed possible freeze when choosing point of interest.
* Fixed possible shutdown when reviewing off road tracks.
* Fixed possible freeze while making phone call while paired with some headsets.
* Fixed issue where device might draw power in motorcycle mount when device is powered off.
* Fixed voice prompts continuing after muting volume.
* Fixed map zooming issue on the browse traffic page.
* Fixed issue where music did not resume after a voice prompt with some headsets.
* Fixed issue where north arrow was possibly missing.
* Fixed issue when autodialing points of interest in Germany.
* Fixed NAV prompt changes to distorted voice if the volume button is pressed while a prompt is playing.
* Fixed issue where turn arrow is misplaced in more map view.
* Fixed issue where some characters juxtaposed in right-to-left languages.
* Reduced volume of some weather alerts.
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Re: zumo 665 [nový firmware]

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zumo 665 (GCD File) software version 2.30 (15.4.2011) [GCD, Mirror]

Changes made from version 2.20 to 2.30:

* Software update restores Bluetooth settings to default values. Bluetooth devices must be paired with the zumo again.
* Fixed extraneous voice prompts when unit recalculates.
* Added the ability to reset the odometer map field.
* Fixed an error that caused maps with Arabic support to display Arabic correctly.
* Increased Bluetooth volume when connected over A2DP.
* Improvements to screen brightness.
* Fixed crashes that occur when importing long routes from MapSource.
* Other general software improvements.
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