BaseCamp (nová verze)

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BaseCamp (nová verze)

Odeslatod Path » 27.07.09 14:23 (Po)

BaseCamp software version 2.0.6 ze dne 15.7.2009 ke stažení zde.

Changes made from version 2.0.5 to 2.0.6:

* Added a worldwide base map for use with BaseCamp.
* Automatically named routes will now be named correctly when created in a folder.
* Improvements to undo and redo functionality.
* Better handling of tracks that only contain 1 point.
* Find now works if the location is set to 'Center of Screen'.
* Improved print preview functionality on smaller screens.
* Grid lines print correctly.[/color]
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Re: BaseCamp (nová verze)

Odeslatod Path » 01.09.09 9:18 (Út)

BaseCamp software version 2.0.7 ze dne 31.8.2009 ke stažení zde.

Changes made from version 2.0.6 to 2.0.7:

* Enlarged the 3D playback arrow.
* Corrected the mouse scroll wheel behavior on the Cache Log.
* Addressed various printer related problems.
* Now showing more information relating to printer and print driver problems.
* Corrected various problems encountered while launching BaseCamp.
* Corrected some toolbar layout issues.
* Corrected some problems that were occurring during transfer to an external device.
* Fixed a problem which was occurring under certain conditions when deleting items from a folder.
* POI searching is now working for Topo Marocco.
* Driving speed on routes now works correctly.
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Re: BaseCamp (nová verze)

Odeslatod Sally » 01.09.09 17:27 (Út)

...jen drobná oprava - 2.0.7 ke stažení zde
Zumo 550, Oregon 300, Garmin Mobile PC, Garmi víago
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Re: BaseCamp (nová verze)

Odeslatod Path » 02.09.09 12:20 (St)

Díky za upozornění, opraveno.
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Re: BaseCamp (nová verze)

Odeslatod Path » 24.05.10 12:09 (Po)

BaseCamp software version 3.0.4 ze dne 20.5.2010 ke stažení zde.

Changes made from version 3.0.3 to 3.0.4:

* Fixed startup issue when migrating Garmin BirdsEye imagery from earlier versions of BaseCamp into version 3.0.3.

Changes made from version 3.0.2 to 3.0.3:

* Added display of which devices a BirdsEye Imagery is unlocked for.
* Added the ability to control which map feature lines are shown.
* Improved memory usage for Garmin BirdsEye Imagery and Garmin Custom Maps.
* Improved user feedback while transferring to folders and devices.
* Improved reported information when Garmin Custom Maps cannot be imported.
* Changed to allow transfer of partially downloaded BirdsEye Imagery.
* Added ability for BaseCamp to attempt reading all Garmin map images (.img files), regardless of name, from removable media.
* Fixed issue when using Find with a map that does not have a city table.

Changes made from version 3.0.1 to 3.0.2:

* Eliminated error messages at startup with blank SD cards.
* Fixed several printing related issues.
* Fixed issue when hovering over the 3D view after turning off lines or areas.
* Fixed issue when importing a KML file that didn't contain any visible ground overlays.
* Fixed issue with track and route join.
* Fixed issue with track and route insert.
* Fixed issue with geotagged photos on devices not being read.

Changes made from version 2.0.9 to 3.0.1:

* Added download, display, and transfer of BirdsEye satellite imagery to supported devices.
* Added download, display and transfer of Garmin Custom Maps to supported devices.
* Added the ability to use BaseCamp with the pre-installed maps on a connected device or pre-programmed SD card.
* Added poster printing.
* Added printing of USGS Quads and other public land survey areas.
* Added tools for auto-routes.
* The full information set for Geocaches is now correctly transferred to the device.
* Improved handling of back-up database.
* Improved the drawing speed of certain European maps.
* Improved the reading speed and display of Geotagged photos.
* Improved stability while running on Windows 7.
* Numerous refinements and problem fixes.

Changes made from version 2.0.8 to 2.0.9:

* Fixed issue with BaseCamp sending waypoints, routes and tracks to a location on the device that the device doesn't read.

Changes made from version 2.0.7 to 2.0.8:

* Added localization for the Traditional Chinese and Japanese languages.
* Added 2D display of products that don't contain elevation data.
* Improved zooming with mouse scroll wheel.
* Corrected issues detecting removable drives.
* Corrected issues Geo-Tagging photos.
* Corrected issue with the Recenter Map screen marker not displaying correctly in the 3D view.
* Corrected issue with printing around the Anti-Meridian at low zoom level.
* Importing GPX files now preserves track notes.
* Improved rendering performance of selected map products.
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Re: BaseCamp (nová verze)

Odeslatod Jarous1 » 02.09.10 15:51 (Čt)

Changes made from version 3.0.5 to 3.0.6:

* Added support for the GB Discoverer series of products.
* Added support for the City Navigator Israel series of products.
* Improved memory usage when drawing maps.
* Improved auto routing calculation speed.
* Improved address searching when searching near 'center of map'.
* Improved indexing of map products installed on devices or SD cards.
* Changed error reporting for imported files.
* Fixed issue when rendering the '&' sign on map labels.
* Fixed startup issue related to diacritics or the German Eszett in the database.
* Fixed startup issues related to bad 3d settings.
* Fixed errors that could occur when changing filtered route settings in the middle of creating a route.
* Fixed errors when editing geotagged photos.
* Fixed input of custom grid values.
* Fixed issues that could happen when changing the map font.
* Fixed issues that would result in sections of the map missing when using an NT map product.
* Fixed issues when changing datum and grid.

Changes made from version 3.0.4 to 3.0.5:

* Added localization for the following languages: Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian (Bokmal), Polish, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish
* Added the ability to unlock BirdsEye Imagery for a specific device.
* Added support to recognize European Topographic cards as retail products.
* Improved map projection when printing BirdsEye Imagery.
* Change to preserve subfolders when writing Garmin Custom Maps.
* Change to correctly resolve relative paths in links on waypoints received from devices.
* Change to use a more reasonable zoom level when selecting 'Show on map' for a single find result or waypoint.
* Change to update the database to reflect missing images when doing a 'Restore' when the images were excluded from the backed up.
* Change to preserve selection of device when starting BirdsEye wizard, if a device was previously selected.
* Change to read maps on SD cards written to the \Map subfolder.
* Fixed auto-routing issues on certain maps.
* Fixed copy/paste of geotagged photos from a device not copying the photo.
* Fixed possible issues when launching an external file or URL link.
* Fixed issues when reading geotagged photos with invalid timestamps.
* Fixed displaying postal code twice in POI property balloons in some European maps.
* Fixed issues geotagging photos with Asian language paths.

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Re: BaseCamp (nová verze)

Odeslatod zhrd » 21.10.10 17:16 (Čt)

Changes made from version 3.0.6 to 3.1.1:

◦Added support for multiple new BirdsEye products.
◦Added support for sorting, searching, browsing and filtering user data.
◦Added support for ejecting devices from within BaseCamp.
◦Added support for filtering tracks.
◦Added support for display of track statistics and temperature.
◦Added support for time offsets while geotagging photos from tracks.
◦Added support for editing multiple waypoints, routes and tracks at a time.
◦Added support for importing geotagged photos.
◦Added support for full screen mode.
◦Added support for non-rectangular selection area for BirdsEye downloads.
◦Improved performance while importing, geotagging, autosaving and routing.
◦Improved support for various DPI settings.
◦Reduced memory required by BirdsEye imagery.

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BaseCamp 3.1.2

Odeslatod Jarous1 » 19.11.10 0:52 (Pá)

Changes made from version 3.1.1 to 3.1.2:

* Added localization for Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Thai.
* Added the ability to move the BirdsEye Create tool selection box.
* Added automatic naming of BirdsEyes based on the region of the map it is over.
* Fixed issue with creating user data on Windows XP with the property tab splitter shrunken to a very small height.
* Fixed problem with not showing the correct map layer for cards that contain raster data (such as GB Discoverer).
* Fixed various issues related to the user data filter and selection changes.
* Fixed issue with a gap in the distances of the find results.
* Fixed drawing of labels behind terrain in the 3D view.
* Fixed issue renaming data items in the list if the list wasn't sorted by name.
* Fixed an issue migrating routes from 3.0.6 to 3.1.1 that were originally created in MapSource.
* Improved recovery from memory allocation issues.

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BaseCamp 3.1.3

Odeslatod Jarous1 » 09.02.11 19:26 (St)

Changes made from version 3.1.2 to 3.1.3:

* Added support for handling changes to LOC file format.
* Improved error handling for various map issues.
* Improved error handling for overlay issues.
* Changed default name of BirdsEye Imagery created from other user data to reflect name of selected item.
* Fixed issue where the basemap from the GPSMAP 78s was not displayed.
* Fixed issue where Topo Australia map was not displayed.
* Fixed issue where the Worldwide Aviation Basemap was not displayed correctly.
* Fixed issue with changing selection after removing waypoint from route.
* Fixed issue with deleting routes that span the Anti-Meridian.

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Re: BaseCamp (nová verze)

Odeslatod Path » 11.05.11 14:09 (St)

BaseCamp beta (9.5.2011) [EXE]


Changes made from version 3.1.3 to Beta:

* Moved the various property tabs to a separate dialog
* Added swapping the map and data list UI regions
* Added activity profiles to allow easier changes between common routing configurations
* Added geocache search integration with
* Added photo sharing site upload (currently for Picasa)
* Added track statistics that correspond to the selection in the track points list
* Added additional statistics to the elevation profile
* Added display of elevation profile when batch editing routes or tracks
* Added heart rate and cadence to the track points list and elevation profile
* Added route to track conversion
* Added display mode for geocaches
* Added the "Duplicate" menu item for most user data types
* Added continuation of route/track drawing when switching between tools
* Added route avoidance checkboxes to the route options (such as "Avoid U-turns")
* Added a basic dialog for creating routes
* Added draw order control for new BirdsEye Imagery that is downloaded
* Added user selection of application language (the beta is English only, so this doesn't have much of an impact yet)
* Added option to restore the application to default settings
* Added tips dialog when entering full screen mode
* Added a keyboard shortcut to snap the map back to North up
* Added file import/export support for the TCX file format.
* Added file export support for tab-delimited and comma-delimited text
* Added properties and create waypoint commands to the list of POIs that is displayed when hovering on the map
* Added optional collection of analytics to help us improve the application
* Added display of the detailed coverage region of card/device based maps
* Added notification to user when updates are available for devices
* Added receiving FIT course points and activity data from many fitness devices. These are converted into waypoints and tracks.
* Changed geotagging photos from a track to add links to those photos in the track
* Changed to not allow changing the location of geocaches when they are part of a route
* Changed the divide tool to create a new waypoint or trackpoint at the division point
* Fixed issue where we didn't always remove all waypoints created as part of a route
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